Harnessing the Power of Possibilities

Maya Angelou wrote, “In order to avoid this bitter end, we have to be reborn again, and born with the knowledge of alternatives.” Have you ever asked yourself, “If I didn’t have to worry about the outcome, what would I let myself think about? What options would I have? What choices would I make?” Giving […]

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Finding and Unleashing Your Inner Tigger: Because If You’re Gonna Pounce, You’ve Gotta Have Some Bounce!

Tigger™: Noun (plural Tiggers). A one-of-a-kind, overly enthusiastic or energetic person, often characterized by bouncing. Fun-loving and bouncy, Tigger is the boisterous member of the Hundred Acre Wood community. He proudly announces to everyone that, “It’s a dangerous path I bounce. But I bounce it alone. Because the Hundred Acre Wood needs a hero, Pooh […]

Free – $30
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