I’ve Been Down Here Before But This Time I Know The Way Out

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Have you ever wondered how some people can willingly walk away from what they know to embark on a journey into a future that isn’t even defined? Do you marvel at people who recklessly go out on a limb—and intentionally saw themselves off? Do you find yourself thinking, “I couldn’t do that in a million years”? 

Have you ever said to yourself, “But if I only knew how they did it, maybe I could do it too”?

This book is about the “not in a million years” component of personal reinvention. You’ll hear from people who started out with one set of ideas, perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, and experiences and then ended up at a “not in a million years” place that was far different from anywhere they had been before.

Most importantly, they’ll tell you how they did it so that you can do it too! Using a simple six-step plan, you, too, will be able to climb out of any hole you might be in and begin your own journey of personal transformation and reinvention!