“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.” 

Albert Einstein

© Cracks in Consciousness

Some people say they will not believe in anything they can’t see. There are many reasons why people choose this way of perceiving the world. But what about everything else that cannot be proven scientifically, logically, or rationally? This book is about why we doubt, why we believe, whether we can change either our doubts or beliefs so that we may come to “experience the mysterious” that is hidden in plain sight.  


More importantly, we’ll also look at what benefits might come to us if we change our doubts or beliefs in order to carve out for ourselves a more informed, connected, and comforting path through the wilderness that is our time here on Earth. My goal is to help you simply shift your perceptions ever so slightly from “This can’t be true” to “Maybe this is real,” so that you, too, may come to believe that the world really is more than we know, and to see the value in embracing this shift in perception.