“To be a person is to have a story to tell.” Isak Dinesen

The stories we tell ourselves–and don’t tell ourselves—-impact our emotions, physical states, our choices, and relationships. Stories enable us to understand ourselves and the world around us; to see the bigger picture; to inspire new ideas for change; and to move us to action.

Sharing stories is a way to connect with others, which can facilitate the healing process for ourselves and those we’re sharing our stories with. Storytelling can help us learn about the tragedy and comedy of life and make us feel less alone, confused, and troubled.

Therapeutic Storytelling uses creative metaphors to tell individualized stories that help to address challenging experiences, offering possible resolutions and the opportunity for insight and reflection.

I love telling stories. I especially love telling stories that people can relate to, stories that resonate with people. When a person can identify with the story, they can begin to understand their lives and the world they’re part of in a way most people never experience.

Stories based in truth have a greater impact, and people are more likely to remember the information when it is related in the form of a story. Hearing someone else’s story  can provide hope to the despondent, solace to the grieving, and comfort to the brokenhearted. Often, the only thing that can comfort someone who has lived through great tragedy or tough circumstances is the account of someone else who has been through something similar and made it through, wounds and all.

The Universe has blessed me with many opportunities to learn from others; to experience major lessons that I needed to resolve; to meet challenges of the past; and to use these to strengthen the present. Without experiencing such obstacles, I would not be able to define or offer the way through to others.

My gift lies in my ability to relate to someone else’s reality. I know intuitively what another is experiencing from within their frame of reference. This allows me to sift through my experience and knowledge to find the right story to tell. What is the right story? The one that will resonate with the other person’s heart and allow them to receive information, guidance, and wisdom that flows freely from all of their own Divine Sources. The goal is to show people how to express, explore, and rewrite their own narrative in profoundly positive ways!

The Nuts and (Lightning) Bolts

I use a variety of media to share stories, transfer my knowledge and experience, and articulate critical ideas. I am the author of several personal transformation books aimed at showing people how to see themselves and their place in the world with new eyes. Each book is filled with practical, actionable steps, and smart, but simple strategies and tools you can use to expand your understanding and the world of the world around you and apply what you’ve learned as guidelines for your own decision making and actions.

I also write blogs and post short videos about specific “thought healing” topics to create what I call “cracks in consciousness” in order to help people see their thoughts in a new way, and then to create new thoughts based on their own personal truth.