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Fork in the Road Intuitive Mentoring

“It’s very simple, really, what I try to do. People come to a fork in the road. They’re confused. They don’t know which way to take. I just put up a signpost: ‘Not that way. This way.’” Claude Rains as Dr. Jaquith in Now Voyager

Maybe you’ve asked yourself the following:

  • What do I want to start but haven’t started?
  • What do I want to change but haven’t changed?
  • What do I want to stop but haven’t stopped?
  • What do I want to do but haven’t done?
  • What do I want to say but haven’t said?
  • What have I felt but haven’t expressed?

It would be my honor to serve as your mentor and personal guide to help you carve out for yourself the path through the wilderness that is your time here on Earth!

Working with an Intuitive Mentor can be invaluable when seeking answers to these questions and more. There are times when we need help from someone else who is further along the path and who has the experience, wisdom, and knowledge that we need to explore the path we’re on; chart a new course; retrace our steps to understand how we got to where we are; or perhaps choose another destination altogether.

In 1500 BC, the King of Ithaca, Odysseus, needed someone to look after his son, Telemachus, while he was fighting the Trojan War. He entrusted an old friend to take care of the boy and to impart his wisdom, values, and learnings. The wise and trusted counselor was named Mentor. Because of Mentor’s relationship with Telemachus, the personal name “Mentor” has been adopted as a term meaning someone who imparts wisdom to and shares knowledge with someone who is less experienced.

Mentors share information that might be difficult for beginners to grasp on their own. Mentoring enables the student to learn valuable life lessons from the mentor’s experiences, mistakes, challenges, and obstacles, which can ease the way as they continue on their life journey and step into the unknown. Whether sharing insight, clarity, sage advice, validation, or simply comfort, mentors listen without judgment; question only for clarification; and provide information to show others how to get from where they are to where they want to be.

The Universe has blessed me with many opportunities to learn from others; to encounter major life lessons in order to grow; to meet challenges of the past; and to use all of this to strengthen the present. Experiencing such obstacles, and finding solutions, enables me to define and offer the way through to others. Some of my focus areas are Aging/Retirement, Grief/Loss, Life Purpose, Addiction Recovery, Major Life Transitions, and Career Changes.

In addition, I am an Intuitive, which is generally defined as “a person who immediately knows or understands something without conscious reasoning or without the effort of the mind.” I rely on my inner sense of claircognizance (clear knowing) to connect with the spiritual realm in order to receive and share with others information, inspirations, higher knowledge, or wisdom from a divine universal source.

“The proper teaching is recognized with ease. You can know it without fail because it awakens within you the sensation that tells you this is something you’ve always known.” Frank Herbert, Dune

At the heart of a successful and fruitful mentoring relationship is the mentor’s ability to understand how another person sees their world and what meaning they attribute to things.

My intuitive gifts enable me to easily relate to someone else’s reality. I know intuitively what another is experiencing from within their “frame of reference.” I can easily put myself in another’s shoes, to participate in that person’s experience, beliefs, and desires with compassion and understanding.

Once I establish this connection, I sift through my experience and knowledge to find the information that will resonate with your heart and allow you to receive information, guidance, and wisdom that flows freely from all of your own Divine Sources.

The goal is to learn how to be guided from within, recognizing or reaffirming what you already know about yourself.

As your Intuitive Mentor, my commitment to you is:

  • I will seek to understand your outlook, perceptions, attitudes, and assumptions that shape your world view.
  • I will listen carefully to what you do say and what you do not say.
  • I will ask questions until I am certain that you and I understand you.
  • I will provide an outside, objective perspective and be truthful with you at all times.
  • I will lead you towards identifying what is most important in life by learning to tune into your own self-knowing.
  • I will help you gain clarity and insight into your current situation; find solutions that you had not considered before; and make better decisions in your life.
Nuts and Lightning Bolts

We begin with a free consultation in which we discuss your goals for working with an Intuitive Mentor; your expectations of the Mentor/Mentee relationship; and the specific topics or areas in your life you want to explore. Then, we’ll talk about how I can help you move forward. I can easily tailor my expert services to exactly fit whatever your aspirations, goals, experience, and objectives might be.


Initial 60-Minute Consultation


1 60-Minute Session

$50.00 per hour

2-4 60-Minute Sessions

$45.00 per hour

BEST VALUE! 5 or More 60-Minute Sessions

$35.00 per hour

What’s Next?

Have specific questions or want to schedule the free initial consultation? Go to the Contact Me page, click the Intuitive Mentoring button, add anything else I should know, and submit the form. I’ll get back to you with any additional information you need or forms you need to fill out, and to set up a date and time to chat either by phone or via Zoom.

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