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I have a variety of products and services to guide you on your journey of personal exploration, which I call the nuts and lightning bolts. Charles Dudley Warner said, “Simplicity is making the journey of this life with just enough baggage,” and this is my philosophy as well. If a little will do, why use a lot? I’ve developed affordable, smart, easy-to-use tools and tangible takeaways that will enable you to expand your understanding of yourself and your world.

Intuitive Mentoring 2

A Fork in the Road Intuitive Mentoring

There are times when we need help from someone else who has the experience, wisdom, knowledge, and the tools that we need to carve out for ourselves the path through the wilderness that is our time here on Earth.

The Universe has blessed me with many opportunities to learn from others; to encounter major life lessons that I needed to grow from; to meet challenges of the past; and to use all of this to strengthen the present. As your Intuitive Mentor, I will sift through my experience and knowledge to find the advice, understanding, guidance, wisdom, and information that will help you identify what is most important in your life. Some of my focus areas are Aging/Retirement, Grief/Loss, Life Purpose, Addiction Recovery, Major Life Transitions, and Career Changes.

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True North Life Navigation Charts

The Life Navigation Chart is a visual encapsulation of what you’ve always been, done, or been drawn to and, most importantly, the results and outcomes of those interactions and engagements. If there is something in your current life that you wish to improve, charting your life can help you identify any actions you’ve taken that have caused you, or those you care for, unhappiness or harm; clarify what you want to improve; determine why you want to improve it; and outline what your new outcome will be.

Most importantly, you’ll feel empowered, not victimized; become free of your bonds to painful experiences, situations, relationships, or events; and your future will no longer be charted by your past.

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Feet to the Fire Within Accountability Coaching

We all know that setting goals – knowing where you want to be and what you want to achieve – is key to success, whether your goal is finding financial prosperity, maintaining a healthier lifestyle, or getting a new job. However, all that goal setting and planning and progress measuring won’t amount to much if you can’t – or won’t – take the first step, find the motivation to take the next step, and then develop momentum to keep taking all the next steps after that.

If this sounds familiar to you, and you’re ready to hold your own feet to the fire, let me be your Accountability Coach! I’ll show you how to get clear on the goals you want to achieve; break down those goals into manageable, actionable steps; develop skills, practices, and sustainable daily actions for achieving your goals; and uncover the obstacles keeping you from making progress and moving you closer to your goal. And together, we’ll celebrate your successes along the way, no matter how small!

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Believing is Seeing Nature Walks

How you interact with and react to your environment says a lot about how you perceive the world around you. However, for many people, developing an understanding of those interactions and reactions is uncharted territory. Fortunately, there’s no better place to undertake this journey than in Nature! Because Nature is constantly showing us all the signs we need to know in order to come to that understanding.

Each walk is designed to demonstrate how we can be out in the world but not actually aware of it. By the end of our time together, you’ll be more aware of what captures your attention and why; you’ll be able to recognize the connection between what you focus your attention on and how you navigate your daily life; and you’ll learn how to consciously interact with the world around you to guide your footsteps.

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Wisdom of Thoth Writing, Editing, and Publishing Services

In my experience, people who conscientiously walk the path of personal exploration often gain more than just clarity on how they perceive themselves and their place in the world. Learning to listen to the messages of their heart, they discover that there is a deeper, more universal message just waiting to be set free to encourage and inspire others. They find that they now have ideas that people need to hear!

With services ranging from basic proofreading to self-publishing a finished manuscript, the focus of my Writing, Editing, and Publishing offering is on helping people find their own voice and bring their messages to the world.

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EEE Classes

Examine Envision Emerge Webinars

Want to join other like-minded personal exploration adventurers in a live online setting? The focus of my webinars is on showing people how they can put the power of my three-step process, Examine Envision Emerge, into practice and turn thought into action!

Each class is comprised of fun-filled, interactive exercises; eye-opening feedback, insights, and guidance from fellow students; tangible takeaways; and easy-to-use strategies for continuing to move forward long after the event is over!

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